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Jennifer Waters

Jennifer Waters, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac, was destined to a life of ill-health from a young age.  Instead, she relied on her inherent investigative mind to discover the causes of real health. Her journey began over thirty years ago with the study of nutrition and continued on to medical philosophy.  Jennifer’s life long desire to learn has led her to earn a degree in  Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), to become a Certified Arvigo Therapist with Dr. Rosita Arvigo, and to complete the Integrating Functional Medicine with TCM  Program with Dr. Jake Fratkin.  She lives  in Upstate NY where she has practiced Zen Buddhism with Shinge Sherry Chayat Roshi for over 30 years.  

Jennifer has been a regular contributor to Acupuncture Today,  with her column, “Talking with Masters”, which led her to author “Welcome The Pain: The Life and Work of Master Acupuncturist Zion Yu” with Balboa Press.  She incorporates Photobiomodulation/ LED Light Therapy in clinical practice and was featured in the Oriental Medical Journal with her compelling article, “Does LED Light Have a place in TCM?”, Earth/Late Summer 2018. 

Jennifer is thrilled to be part of CNY Fertility with Dr. Robert Kiltz and Dr. Maribelle Verdiales.  The Integrative Fertility Wellness Coaching  (IFWC) program is a culmination of her studies and clinical experience gained over 30 years.  “Conception to Digestion” is her specialty program within IFWC. She has a no-nonsense, common sense approach to real health which integrates the highest quality Functional and Chinese Medicine supplements on the market today.

What others have to say about Jennifer…

The modalities that Jennifer is combining, light therapies along with acupuncture and nutrition, are extremely powerful and very effective! Deeply meaningful work, keep going!

Anthony William

#1 NYT Best-Selling Author of Medical Medium

Very experienced and knowledgeable professional in a top notch environment. Holistic medicine at its best!

Clinic Client

We’ve found that stress and inflammation are major contributing factors to pregnancy loss and a whole host of other medical conditions. We’ve incorporated LED Light Therapy and found that a significant number of clients feel better and have improved outcomes.

Dr. Robert Kiltz

Medical Director and Owner, CNY Fertility

It was wonderful to have Jennifer on The Aware Show. She shed light upon, literally, how Light can enhance ones Fertility. Very interesting, I learned a lot, thank you Jennifer.

Lisa Garr

Host, Hay House Radio's "The Aware Show"

Jennifer has a very clear way of presenting information. I laughed a lot and learned a ton! Time well spent, thank you!

Workshop Attendee

I purchased my Light Therapy machine in 2012 and have been using it ever since, both personally at home and professionally on clients in my hands-on healing practice inside Dharma Yoga Syracuse. Just about everything – mind/body/emotions/spirit – gets better with Lights!

Leslie Eimas

Light Therapist, Polarity Therapist,

It was wonderful meeting you today. I have to be honest, without ever doing a session before, at first it was very hard to wrap my mind around everything you were saying.

During the session my thought “was well this is nice, not sure if I would do it again”. After the session my thought was “wow I feel really relaxed, maybe I’ll give this another try”. What surprised me the most was on my ride home I began to bawl, like big baby tears cried/laughed the whole way home with no other explanation other than being under those lights.

You have made a believer out of me and I would love to explore more in light therapy! Thank you so much!

Class Participant

I love working with Waters Light because they’re honest, make me a priority, and pay commissions right away! Great way to make extra money and I never have to waste time chasing it. I highly recommend working with Jennifer and her team over anyone else.

Light System Owner

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